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To learn about our liquid alternatives products, use the slides above to select how much return you want and how much risk you're willing to take.

Alternatives—A New Piece of the Pie

The financial crisis of 2008 exposed shortcomings in the traditional stock and bond portfolio—the longtime remedy for diversification.

Alternative investments may not be highly correlated to either the return-seeking or risk-reducing slices of your portfolio. Because of this, they offer the potential for greater diversification.

What is Correlation?

Correlation is a key indicator of how alternatives behave. It's a statistic that tells us how closely the returns of one investment track another's returns over time. When it comes to corrleations, lower is usually better.
What happens when you invest in assets with low or no correlation to the other assets in your portfolio? When some investments are performing porrly, others will likely be performing well. This "diversification" may help reduce your portfolio's overall volatility.

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How the Fund Invests
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